Thibaut Javoy

Sound engineer & Music Composer
3D sound

Recording / Mix / Immersive Mix (Dolby Atmos, Binaural, Ambisonic…)

Studio management / consulting / Sound installation / Sound Spatialization

Personal work

VNZ, OutreCuivre, PRS, EXT, Le livre des sons

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Bio :

Paris-based sound-engineer and composer, Thibaut Javoy’s work covers a multitude of styles and roles. He has worked with Keren Ann on each of her albums but also with artists including Iggy Pop, Jarvis Cocker, Chloe, ParaOne, Salif Keita or Chassol.

As composer, he created the sound design for various french television channels, like the franco-german network “Arte”, “France Television” or “TV5 Monde”.

From 2013, he began to manage the Red Bull recording studio in Paris, hosting many french rappers such as FKJ, Lord Esperanza or Laylow.

In 2017 Thibaut has the privilege to be part of « Studio Venezia », the French Pavilion of renowned artist Xavier Veilhan, during the Venice Biennale in Italy. Brian Eno, Alexandre Desplats, Thurston Moore and Nigel Godrich figure among the artists he has recorded at the Biennale.

Since he specializes his work in 3D sound, doing mixes in binaural, ambisonic, Dolby Atmos or on the 4DSound system, for different artists like Nova Materia, Satya Hinduja, Joakim or Lina Lapelyte, and created spatialized sound-installations for Cartier, Devialet, Lafayette Anticipations, Ircam or La Gaîté Lyrique.

After many years of recording and mixing with an endless string of immense musical talents, Thibaut Javoy embarks on his debut solo adventures, a mix of ambient music and immersive soundfield recordings, he now wants to introduce live to the audience.

Thibaut’s creative investment is revealingly intimate, wholly independent and self-sufficient; the composition, performance and production all woven into the same process. Immerse yourself in the gentle beauty of his debut project “EXT”.